To win you need to stand out and be different, After all, If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

We at Pathfinder Marketing, believe that our marketing agency, like all others, exists to facilitate the generation of sales in other businesses.

  • If you grow we will grow, you succeed we succeed.

  • We believe in partnering with companies that have a desire to strive for growth goals.

  • We start at what will drive the biggest result for you and work from there.

  • We understand that every dollar spent is a dollar earnt.

  • Transparent, results driven and strategic in approach.

Our vision is to be among the highest performing agencies in Australia – measured by sales to our clients.

  • Wasted spend in marketing shouldn’t exist anymore.

  • There are no excuses in a data driven, ROI focused world.

  • Marketing is an equation to be solved.

  • Creative solutions to everyday problems.

  • Clicks without traffic, traffic without leads – Are numbers for the sake of numbers.

  • We believe in finding a way to win.

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Our Story

A boutique performance marketing agency with over a decade combined digital marketing and lead generation experience.

Meet The Founders

Two digital marketers with a passion to deliver better results.

Mitchell Kelly
Mitchell KellyDirector & Co-Founder
Beginning his SEO and digital marketing career in online lead generation, Mitch worked with monthly advertising budgets in excess of $150,000, specialising in developing cross-channel lead generation strategies.
David Toby
David TobyDirector & Co-Founder
Previously heading up a team of 6 at Workhouse Advertising, Dave has had years of experience in running a digital department. His main responsibility was for the strategic direction for all digital clients for both SEO and Digital Advertising, hands-on work, as well as managing the team who implemented all client work, from large to small.

Huge credit to the Pathfinder team, we wouldn’t be where we are now without their guidance and expertise.

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Our Partners

To ensure a holistic solution to our clients we are a partner with other technology and channel providers.

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