BudgetNet Explode Sales With Transformative SEO Strategy


  • Case Study   •   April 22, 2021

By putting a long term SEO strategy in place, BudgetNet were able to increase their organic search traffic by 64.22%

The Challenge

BudgetNet had established themselves as a highly respected provider of NDIS plan management services over their short history. 

Their growth had been on the back of word of mouth, referrals and paid search.

With more and more competition entering the market, however, they had noticed their cost per click and return on investment on paid search campaigns get slowly chipped away. 

They knew that longer term, they needed an SEO strategy in place to protect their online presence in the market.

The Approach

With 12 months of paid search data in their Google Ads account already, Pathfinder conducted a deep dive analysis of BudgetNet’s most profitable keywords.

What quickly became apparent was that there was no single ‘head term’ driving the bulk of traffic, instead, local search intent keywords were driving the bulk of their enquiries.

With this in mind, building highly-targeted local intent content as scale was identified as a key success factor.

Pathfinder implemented a highly-scalable solution within BudgetNet’s wordpress site to handle implementation and 200+ landing pages were created.

The Results

Results were immediate and business changing. Within 6 weeks, BudgetNet had achieved 94 top 3 rankings for high intent local search queries.

  • Organic Search Traffic Increased by 64.22%

  • Campaign Achieved a 3x ROI Within 3 Months

A client success story

I’ve been working with them for close to 1 year now. They have been instrumental in us building an online presence which has definitely led to a massive increase in online sales.

Michael CoyneManaging Director • BudgetNet

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