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It’s been quite intense and we have had to pause same day orders for today which is devastating but amazing that we have grown so much. Thank you so so much for all your efforts, we cannot believe it. Time for us to get our own warehouse next year I think – we are bursting at the seams!! Catch up soon when the craziness is over!

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Avenue Hampers, a prominent gift hamper company based in Perth, embarked on a journey to strengthen its online presence in the face of a highly competitive digital market. Despite a fervent desire to leverage the power of SEO targetting local Perth, financial constraints proved to be a formidable obstacle. The company faced setbacks after investing $1,200 per month with an Indian SEO Agency, witnessing minimal results and running out of funds before realizing any returns. Turning to social media ads in an attempt to establish a robust online presence within the local market, unfortunately, led to the same outcome… Tasked with navigating these challenges, Pathfinder implemented strategic SEO solutions designed to propel Avenue Hampers towards online profitability, which resulted in gaining more sales than they could handle! A great way to finish 2023.


Avenue Hampers, a gift hamper company based in Perth, found itself navigating the challenges of a competitive online market. Despite harboring a strong desire to harness the power of SEO for local growth, financial constraints posed a significant hurdle. Bootstrapped for cash, Avenue Hampers faced setbacks after investing $1,200 per month with an Indian SEO Agency, witnessing minimal results and running out of funds before reaping any returns.

In a bid to establish a robust online presence within the local market, Avenue Hampers experimented with social media ads but encountered a similar lack of returns. Focused on targeting the Perth community, the company grappled with finding a cost-effective and impactful strategy to elevate its online visibility and, subsequently, its sales.

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Pathfinder’s approach involved a comprehensive overhaul of Avenue Hampers strategy. Analysing customer search patterns, they recommended adjustments to the product mix to align better with customer expectations. The SEO strategy strategically targeted low-competition, long-tail keywords, targetting local Perth, providing an edge against larger, more established competitors. Despite challenges along the way, this nuanced approach addressed Avenue Hampers’ concerns and positioned them for success in a competitive online marketplace.

The Results

The transformative impact of our intervention was evident. Avenue Hampers experienced an impressive 63% increase in traffic within a mere 2 months! As well as a 2.33X in traffic Year-on-Year and an outstanding 2.93X in revenue during Dec 2023 compared to previous year (Dec 2022) which resulted in a $60K profit!

Considering that most SEO experts will tell you that campaigns can take 6+ months to see any notable results, this is an impressive outcome. The results underscore an effectiveness of a tailored SEO strategy, positioning Avenue Hampers for sustainable growth in the competitive gift hamper industry.

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