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At Brava, we’ve been  using Pathfinder for about 3 to 4 months now, and have already seen an increase in both our week to week conversions and an uplift in revenue! Pathfinder have been great to work with – very responsive to our program and campaigns and really trying to build our revenue and ROAS

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Introducing Brava, a prominent brand in the plus-size lingerie industry, renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge fashion and inclusivity. Navigating both B2B and B2C markets, Brava encountered hurdles in expanding its reach through Facebook and Google ads due to creative fatigue and a lack of exploration into diverse target audiences. Recognizing the need for a strategic shift, Brava initiated a comprehensive revitalization process. Through meticulous research and development, the brand crafted dynamic ad creatives that celebrated body positivity and resonated with the diverse preferences of its audience. This strategic pivot not only reinvigorated their advertising approach but also positioned Brava as a leader in the inclusive lingerie space, underscoring the brand’s dedication to embracing diversity and empowering individuals of all sizes.


In the competitive landscape of women’s clothing & apparel, Brava encountered difficulties scaling their Facebook and Google ads campaigns. The industry demanded a strategic approach due to the crowded and competitive market. The challenge was to implement an enhanced tracking system for more accurate conversion tracking, fix dynamic remarketing, segment Facebook campaigns based on customer personas, and expand keyword reach with dynamic search ads on Google.

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To overcome these challenges, we initiated a multifaceted solution. An advanced tracking system was implemented to enhance accuracy in conversion tracking. Dynamic remarketing was optimized, and Facebook campaigns were segmented based on distinct customer personas for broader appeal. Keyword reach was expanded through dynamic search ads on Google. A more sophisticated Google shopping campaign prioritized best-selling products to maximize revenue. Tight audience segmentation allowed for tailored messaging, and simplified Facebook creatives with clear calls to action were introduced.

The Results

The transformative impact of our solution unfolded in remarkable results for Brava. Google Ads witnessed a substantial 26% increase in revenue, marking a significant return on investment. Transactions surged by 31%, showcasing the effectiveness of the revamped campaigns. New user acquisition experienced a remarkable 40% increase, indicating the successful expansion into new target audiences. The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) achieved an impressive 40% boost, validating the strategic enhancements made. These results not only addressed Brava’s scaling challenges but also positioned them for sustained success in the competitive women’s clothing & apparel market.

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