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I’ve been working with them for close to 1 year now. They have been instrumental in us building an online presence which has definitely led to a massive increase in online sales.

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Meet BudgetNet, your trusted NDIS Plan Management provider! In a brief but impactful history, BudgetNet has swiftly become a distinguished provider of NDIS plan management services. With a foundation built on the pillars of word of mouth, referrals, and strategic paid search campaigns, BudgetNet had carved a niche for itself in the market. However, the winds of change had blown in the form of increased competition, posing a challenge to BudgetNet’s established online visibility. The gradual erosion of cost per click and return on investment in paid search campaigns signalled a need for a more sustainable approach. Recognising the evolving landscape, Perth SEO & PPC agency Pathfinder Marketing, served as a guiding force in creating a robust SEO & PPC strategy to fortify BudgetNet’s online presence and navigate the competitive terrain more effectively via sustainable growth.


They started with nothing, completely fresh business.

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Paid search to get leads in the door while the SEO warmed up. After 6 months, ROI from SEO exploded to 3500/month in traffic. This led to an acquisition by NIB.

The Results

The results were immediate and business changing. Within 6 weeks, BudgetNet had achieved 94 top 3 rankings for high intent local search queries and a 64.22% increase in organic search traffic.

Overall, the company achieved a remarkable 4.5x return on investment (ROI) from paid search campaigns. Additionally, their organic search efforts yielded 146 leads monthly, marking a substantial impact. Impressively, they experienced a staggering 35x surge in organic traffic, indicating a significant uptick in online visibility and engagement.

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