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Sales have increased so much I’ve run out of packaging. I don’t want to spend any more on marketing with you because I don’t know if I can cope with the volume!

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Increase in revenue
from paid search ads

Increase in revenue
from organic search

Increase in ROAS
in Facebook Ads

Increase in organic
search traffic


Having achieved remarkable growth through word of mouth and establishing a robust brand, they sought to expand their marketing strategy by incorporating supplementary acquisition channels such as Google, Facebook, and SEO. These additional channels were seen as the next crucial step to elevate their business to new heights. Despite their initial success, the company recognized the need to diversify their approach and tap into the vast potential of online platforms. By integrating these new channels into their marketing mix, they aimed to attract a wider audience, increase brand visibility, and unlock further opportunities for growth. Embracing digital marketing avenues, they were determined to propel their business towards even greater accomplishments.


A comprehensive restructuring of the Google Ads account was undertaken to enhance the focus on their most profitable keywords and reduce unnecessary ad spend wastage. This strategic overhaul aimed to optimize their advertising efforts and maximize return on investment. Additionally, the entire Facebook Ads strategy underwent a complete re-evaluation, starting from target audience selection to creative elements. The company recognized the significance of a well-designed and data-driven approach to achieve better results on the platform. By rethinking their Facebook Ads strategy from the ground up, they sought to improve audience targeting, increase engagement, and amplify the impact of their advertising campaigns. This proactive approach reflected their commitment to refining their online marketing efforts for more efficient and successful outcomes.

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Perth SEO & Ads agency Pathfinder Marketing, implemented a refined Google Shopping campaign aimed at prioritising Byron Bay Gifts’ top-selling products and optimising revenue generation. This sophisticated approach allowed them to focus on their best-performing items and maximize their profitability. Additionally, their audience targeting strategy was enhanced by closely segmenting customer personas, enabling them to deliver more personalized and tailored messages to their target audience. On Facebook, a streamlined creative approach was adopted, simplifying the content to include clear and compelling calls to action that effectively drove audience engagement and actions. By adopting these strategic adjustments, the company sought to enhance their marketing efforts across both Google and Facebook, achieving better results, increased customer engagement, and ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

The Results

In terms of revenue growth, the company experienced a substantial $500K increase attributed to the success of their paid search ad campaigns. Their efforts in organic search also proved fruitful, resulting in an impressive 50% rise in revenue from organic sources, showcasing the effectiveness of their search engine optimization strategies.

On the Facebook Ads platform, the company achieved remarkable progress with a significant 74% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This indicated a higher efficiency in their advertising investment on the platform, driving greater revenue compared to ad expenses.

Furthermore, the company excelled in attracting organic search traffic, witnessing an impressive 83% increase. This boost in organic search traffic highlighted the success of their content optimization and website ranking strategies.

Overall, these outstanding results demonstrated the company’s proficiency in employing diverse marketing approaches, leveraging paid search, organic search, and Facebook Ads to drive substantial revenue growth and enhance their online presence.

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