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Building and launching a new startup is complicated enough, let alone learning how to effectively run paid search & social. After wasting thousands of dollars on the platforms trying to do it ourselves, the Pathfinder team sorted out our digital advertising. And we’re seeing great results. They are everything you could want in a key business partner. Quick, responsive, and most importantly experts in making each click-dollar go further.

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Enter Creator Flow, a dynamic User-Generated Content (UGC) agency based in Perth, specializing in unearthing the latent potential of the burgeoning UGC market in Australia. Operating in an environment where UGC is still unfolding, particularly in Perth, Creator Flow adeptly navigated this uncharted territory. Balancing its focus on both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets, the agency strategically carved out a distinctive pathway for growth. In a landscape where predecessors like billo had already laid some groundwork, Creator Flow seized the opportunity to connect with a receptive audience. Through strategic positioning, innovation, and a nuanced understanding of the evolving UGC landscape, Creator Flow emerges as a pioneering force, shaping the trajectory of UGC adoption and engagement in the Australian market.


In a market divided between educated and uneducated consumers, Creator Flow faced the challenge of targeting individuals seeking content creators and social media management. The industry’s crowded and competitive nature, coupled with the struggle to find a niche, made it difficult to stand out. The goal was clear – to bridge the gap between Creator Flow’s offerings and the audience’s needs, breaking through the noise and establishing a distinct presence.

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To address these challenges, Creator Flow shifted its focus from individual content creators to company signups, offering ongoing UGC services for advertising and social media needs. This strategic pivot not only added value to the business but also attracted a more lucrative client base. While facing challenges along the way, such as redefining their target audience and refining their services, Creator Flow ultimately succeeded in driving growth by aligning their offerings with the evolving market demands.

The Results

The results of this strategic evolution were nothing short of transformative. Creator Flow achieved a remarkable 2x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), underscoring the financial success of their adapted strategy. Monthly customer acquisition witnessed a substantial increase, with an average of 33 new customers. The financial impact was also evident in the monthly conversion value, surpassing the 10k mark. This success not only solidified Creator Flow’s position in the UGC market but also showcased the potential for businesses to thrive by shifting focus towards the evolving needs of corporate clients.

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