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We have increased our number of leads astronomically and our ROI has also  improved. Pathfinder has earned a high level of trust from our Company as a  result of the measurable benefits that they have helped us to achieve.

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Lucy Nankervis

Marketing Manager of Heritage Water Tanks

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For approximately five years, Heritage had relied on Google Ads as a significant lead generation source, resulting in a commendable level of success. However, upon reviewing the account, we identified several issues that were leading to substantial ad spend wastage. Despite the solid track record of achievements, it became evident that certain aspects of the Google Ads campaign needed attention and improvement. By addressing these issues, Heritage aimed to optimize their ad spend, enhance lead generation efforts, and maximize the overall effectiveness of their Google Ads strategy. Our insights presented a valuable opportunity for Heritage to refine their advertising approach and achieve even greater returns on their marketing investments.


Heritage placed significant emphasis on SEO traffic, recognising the potential for improvement. Initiating the process, they conducted a thorough technical site audit, revealing various issues hindering the site’s higher ranking for essential keywords. Armed with these insights, they devised a new campaign structure and implemented advanced segmentation strategies. These strategic adjustments had a transformative impact, drastically enhancing the efficiency of the entire account. By addressing technical shortcomings and optimizing their campaign approach, Heritage achieved notable progress in their SEO efforts. These measures not only improved their search engine rankings but also amplified their online visibility and organic traffic. The company’s commitment to enhancing their SEO performance showcased their dedication to staying ahead in the digital landscape and driving sustainable growth.

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To lessen the dependence on Google for lead generation, Pathfinder Marketing introduced Bing Ads and Facebook Ads into their marketing mix, aiming to diversify their lead generation efforts. These platforms proved highly effective in providing additional lead channels, and at an impressive cost per lead, sometimes as low as half of what their other channels offered. The strategic integration of Bing Ads and Facebook Ads complemented their overall lead generation strategy, enabling the company to tap into new audiences and attract potential customers more efficiently. By embracing a multi-platform approach, they optimised their marketing efforts, reduced reliance on a single channel, and achieved better returns on their lead generation investments. This diversified approach bolstered their business resilience and contributed to the expansion of their customer base.

The Results

The company witnessed remarkable growth across various metrics, showcasing their effective marketing efforts. Organic growth soared by an impressive 300%, reflecting the success of their strategies in attracting more natural and unpaid traffic. This surge in organic traffic led to a remarkable 200% increase in organic leads, indicating the efficiency of their website optimization and content marketing initiatives. In the realm of paid advertising, their Google Ads campaigns also thrived, generating a notable 45% increase in leads. This success highlighted their ability to leverage Google Ads effectively to reach and engage with their target audience. Moreover, the company achieved a significant 35% reduction in cost per lead, indicating enhanced cost-efficiency in their marketing campaigns. This achievement showcased their ability to optimize their advertising investments and maximize returns. Overall, these outstanding results demonstrated the company’s proficiency in driving growth across both organic and paid channels, attracting more leads while efficiently managing marketing expenses.

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