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Sales have increased so much I’ve run out of packaging. I don’t want to spend any more on marketing with you because I don’t know if I can cope with the volume!

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Introducing Loyal Crush, a budding player in the beauty and cosmetics sector, determined to carve a niche for itself amidst industry behemoths like Mecca and Sephora. Operating as a business-to-consumer (B2C) entity, Loyal Crush encountered the formidable challenge of breaking into an already saturated market without the luxury of a pre-established marketing strategy. In a landscape dominated by established brands, the journey for Loyal Crush involved not only navigating fierce competition but also devising innovative approaches to capture consumer attention. The company embarked on a strategic quest, leveraging its uniqueness to stand out amid the established giants. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction, Loyal Crush embarked on a journey to redefine beauty standards and consumer experiences. This ambitious endeavour reflects the brand’s resilience and determination to challenge the status quo, signaling the arrival of a dynamic contender in the beauty industry that aspires to captivate and cultivate a loyal customer base in the ever-evolving realm of cosmetics.


Being a new player in the fiercely competitive beauty industry, Loyal Crush encountered the challenge of establishing a foothold. The market was not only crowded but dominated by established players, making it tough for a newcomer. Loyal Crush’s goal was clear – to develop a go-to-market strategy that would not only enable them to compete but also turn ROI positive swiftly. The strategy needed to be highly focused, especially considering the dominance of competitors in Google ads, Microsoft ads, and SEO.

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To address these challenges, we collaborated with Loyal Crush to develop a highly targeted go-to-market strategy. This involved channeling efforts into Google ads, Microsoft ads, and SEO to maximize impact. Despite challenges faced along the way, the strategy proved effective, generating positive returns within just a few months. Remarkably, we managed to keep ad spend relatively low while delivering significant results. The outcome was a notable 26% increase in revenue through Google ads, marking a successful market entry for Loyal Crush.

The Results

The results of our collaborative efforts were nothing short of impressive. Loyal Crush experienced a substantial 26% increase in revenue through Google Ads, showcasing the effectiveness of the tailored strategy. Transactions surged by 31%, indicating a heightened engagement and conversion rate. Additionally, there was a remarkable 40% increase in new users, reflecting the success of the go-to-market strategy in expanding Loyal Crush’s customer base. These results not only validated the strategy’s effectiveness but positioned Loyal Crush as a formidable player in the competitive beauty industry.

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