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Increase in organic
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New Choice was actively engaged in digital marketing; however, their progress had stagnated with their previous agency, making it challenging to reach their goal of generating 500 leads per month. Despite their efforts, they encountered difficulties in scaling up their lead generation efforts to meet the ambitious target. Seeking a fresh approach, they were determined to revitalize their digital marketing strategy and unlock new growth opportunities. By partnering with a new agency or refining their existing tactics, they aimed to overcome the obstacles hindering their progress and propel their lead generation efforts to the next level. The company’s proactive stance in exploring alternative solutions reflected their commitment to achieving their lead generation objectives and further enhancing their online presence.


To optimize their advertising efforts, the company thoroughly restructured their Google Ads account, prioritising their most profitable keywords while minimizing ad spend waste. Their Facebook Ads strategy underwent a complete re-evaluation, starting from audience targeting to creative elements, aiming to improve engagement and drive better results. Furthermore, the company implemented a robust SEO campaign that emphasized content to boost organic traffic and generate more leads. This comprehensive approach demonstrated their commitment to enhancing their online presence and lead generation capabilities. By addressing each aspect of their digital marketing strategy, the company aimed to achieve better performance across multiple channels, catering to a wider audience and maximizing their overall marketing impact.

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The company achieved a significant increase in Google Ads conversions following the successful restructuring of their Google Ads campaign. Their SEO efforts proved to be a major success, driving impressive results. Additionally, the introduction of gated content played a crucial role in a remarkable 120% surge in organic search leads. The strategic implementation of gated content allowed the company to capture valuable leads and engage with their target audience effectively. By leveraging these tactics, the company experienced notable growth in both paid and organic channels, showcasing their proficiency in optimizing their marketing strategies. The combined impact of improved Google Ads conversions, successful SEO endeavours, and gated content led to a substantial boost in lead generation and further strengthened their online presence.

The Results

The company achieved extraordinary growth across multiple key metrics, signifying their effective marketing efforts. Notably, their Google Ads conversions experienced a remarkable 402% increase, demonstrating the success of their optimized ad campaigns in driving higher conversion rates. Additionally, their click-through rate (CTR) surged by an impressive 71%, reflecting the improved relevance and engagement of their ads.

In terms of organic lead generation, the company achieved a substantial 120% increase, showcasing the effectiveness of their Perth SEO strategy in attracting and capturing more valuable WA leads organically. Furthermore, their organic search traffic witnessed a notable 58% boost, indicating the success of their content optimization and website ranking strategies.

These outstanding results reflected the company’s proficiency in both paid and organic marketing efforts. The significant growth in conversions, CTR, leads, and search traffic demonstrated their commitment to delivering impactful marketing campaigns and driving continuous business expansion.

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