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Thanks to Pathfinder, our sales and lead quality improved significantly. Other branches noticed our exceptional performance and inquired about our marketing strategies. We credited our success to Pathfinder, which streamlined our advertising efforts and provided clear insights into our results. The enhanced performance, partially attributed to Pathfinder, allowed us to sell our clubs at a premium price last year. I strongly recommend their services.

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In the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry, Plus Fitness, a prominent player engaged in both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) interactions, set out to enhance its marketing strategies. Despite maintaining an active presence on platforms like Google and Facebook, the company faced a challenge with inconsistent lead numbers, hindering its overall growth trajectory. Acknowledging the imperative for a more cohesive strategy, Plus Fitness recognized the necessity to unlock its full marketing potential. The company embarked on a journey to streamline and optimize its marketing approach, seeking a solution that would not only address the lead generation inconsistency but also position Plus Fitness as a formidable force in the competitive fitness industry. This strategic endeavor reflects Plus Fitness’s commitment to adaptability and innovation, signaling its intent to overcome challenges and achieve sustained growth in a dynamic and evolving market.


In the competitive fitness industry, Plus Fitness faced challenges with inconsistent lead numbers impacting their growth plans. The market was not only crowded and competitive but also established, making it essential for Plus Fitness to stand out. The goal was to implement a strategy that addressed these challenges across various platforms, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, to drive demand both at the top and bottom of the sales funnel.

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Pathfinder took charge by implementing a comprehensive full-funnel strategy, integrating both search and social media channels. Google, Microsoft, and Facebook were strategically utilized to generate demand at every stage of the customer journey. In addition, an offline branding strategy was introduced to keep Plus Fitness at the forefront of their target audience’s minds. Tailored Facebook and Google Ads strategies turned basic gym chains into the most successful gyms nationwide, overcoming challenges with innovation and strategic thinking.

The Results

The transformative results were tangible. Google Ads alone generated an average of 33 leads per month, underscoring the success of the tailored advertising strategy. The cost per lead (CPL) stood impressively at $29, reflecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign. Plus Fitness not only overcame the challenge of inconsistent lead numbers but also emerged as a prominent choice among gym-goers, carving a distinct niche in the competitive fitness landscape. This success story highlights the power of a well-crafted strategy in amplifying marketing efforts and achieving tangible, business-enhancing results.

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