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In the burgeoning landscape of online meat delivery, Stockman Steaks, a recent entrant operating in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) domain, aimed to carve its niche but encountered challenges in gaining online traction. Despite exploring multiple advertising platforms, the company struggled to find a profitable formula for success. Recognizing the need for strategic guidance, Stockman Steaks enlisted the expertise of Pathfinder. Tasked with navigating these challenges, Pathfinder implemented strategic solutions designed to propel Stockman Steaks towards online profitability. This collaborative effort reflects Stockman Steaks’ commitment to adapting and thriving in a competitive digital market, with Pathfinder serving as a guiding force in steering the brand towards a trajectory of sustainable growth and success in the burgeoning online meat delivery industry.


Stockman Steaks encountered difficulties in a crowded and competitive online meat delivery market. Despite trying various advertising platforms, they lacked a winning formula for profitability. Pathfinder took charge of Google Ads and SEO, expanding their reach to Microsoft Ads. The campaigns underwent restructuring to focus on high-performing segments, optimizing budgets to maximize returns in profitable areas. In an industry dominated by established players, Stockman Steaks aimed to carve a niche and achieve a distinct market presence.

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Pathfinder’s approach involved a comprehensive overhaul of Stockman Steaks’ strategy. Analysing customer search patterns, they recommended adjustments to the product mix to align better with customer expectations. The SEO strategy strategically targeted low-competition, long-tail keywords, providing an edge against larger, more established competitors. Despite challenges along the way, this nuanced approach addressed Stockman Steaks’ concerns and positioned them for success in a competitive online marketplace.

The Results

The transformative impact was evident. Stockman Steaks experienced a remarkable 12x increase in monthly sales within a mere six months. Their SEO rankings soared, securing a spot among the top 5 for keywords in major cities. The Google Ads return on ad spend (ROAS) skyrocketed, achieving an impressive 500%. Notably, the best month saw a substantial $25,000 in revenue, marking a significant turnaround for Stockman Steaks in the fiercely competitive online meat delivery landscape. This success not only bolstered their presence but showcased the effectiveness of strategic marketing and SEO tactics in carving a niche for a budding player in a burgeoning industry.

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