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Welcome to The Peacock Says (TPS) – your trusted source for weekly horse racing tips on a subscription basis. With a dedicated following on Facebook, TPS successfully established its business through a combination of paid and organic social media strategies. However, the landscape is constantly evolving, and TPS faced challenges as their return on ad spend began to dwindle. Through Pathfinder’s expert guidance, TPS successfully ventured into the unexplored realm of Native advertising. This untapped channel proved to extremely valuable, offering a fresh, new profitable avenue for The Peacock Says that wasn’t explored previously.


The Peacock Says provide weekly horse racing tips to punters on a paid subscription basis.

With a cult following on Facebook, TPS had built their business around paid and organic social media. However, they were starting to see diminishing returns from their ad spend and were keen to find new channels and audiences to grow their reach.

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With tight CPA targets to hit to stay profitable, cheap and scalable traffic was a must.

Native channels Outbrain, Taboola and Plista fit the bill and a scalable funnel supported by email automation sequences was built and implemented.

Users were first shown high-impact native ads on major publications like, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald and MSN.

Those who clicked were pushed to a squeeze page offering a free round of tips in exchange for their email address.

Those that submitted their email address were sent to an upsell page offering a money back guarantee on the Cock’s premium subscription service if they signed up. Any users that didn’t take up the premium subscription service offer were pushed into a nurture email sequence through their marketing automation system to slowly funnel them towards purchase.

The Results

The strategy exploded The Peacock’s email database and shocked even us at the scale of success.

From a little over $10,000 in ad spend on native ads, the campaigns generated 3,362 new email subscribers and 286 signups to the premium service.

Based on the client’s average lifetime value of a subscriber, this represented a little over $60,000 profit.

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