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They were able to increase our leads so much that we had to expand our staff and now we’re even looking at a bigger store! Thanks Pathfinder

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Meet The Lovers, a trailblazing force in the fashion industry, committed to redefining style with avant-garde designs. This innovative brand, predominantly catering to the B2C market, found themselves at a crossroads, desiring to transcend the limitations of organic search traffic. The challenge lay in their aspiration to venture into the realm of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, with a dual objective of augmenting both lead quantity and quality. Recognizing the need for a strategic evolution, The Lovers embarked on a dynamic journey to navigate the complexities of PPC campaigns. Their meticulous approach involved comprehensive market analysis, enabling the identification of niche target audiences. With a focus on crafting compelling ad creatives and strategic keyword optimization, The Lovers not only expanded their digital footprint but also elevated the quality of leads, positioning themselves as not just fashion trendsetters but also savvy marketers, adept at leveraging digital strategies for impactful business growth.


In the competitive world of fashion, The Lovers encountered the challenge of limited lead generation through organic search alone. The industry demanded a more strategic approach in the crowded marketplace. The goal was clear – implement digital marketing tracking for campaign analysis and devise a lead-generation strategy to boost their waiting list and create anticipation before opening bookings.

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To address these challenges, we implemented a robust digital marketing tracking system, allowing for in-depth analysis of each campaign’s performance. A lead-generation strategy was crafted to elevate their waiting list and generate excitement ahead of booking openings. Despite challenges in adapting to a new strategy, the results were impressive. Waitlisting appointments skyrocketed, generating leads at a cost of less than $4. Within the first month, The Lovers became ROI positive, with a substantial 116 leads generated.

The Results

The transformative impact of our intervention manifested in exceptional results for The Lovers. Across all campaigns, an outstanding 843% Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was achieved, validating the success of the new strategy. The cost per lead was a mere $11, showcasing the efficiency of the lead-generation approach. With a cost per sale of $30, The Lovers not only reached a broad audience of 1 million people but also achieved a remarkable balance between cost and conversions. These results underscore the effectiveness of a tailored PPC strategy, positioning The Lovers for sustained success in the competitive and dynamic fashion industry.

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