25.1% Reduction in CPA



  • Case Study   •   October 2, 2017

Celebrante went from a non-profitable business model, to a profitable and sustainable one with Pathfinder. A 25.1% reduction in cost per lead has helped them grow and ensure their future.

The Challenge

Celebrante is an Australian celebrant directory which makes money from celebrants when users make an enquiry with them through the Celebrante website.

The business model is simple, generate enquiries through the website at less than it costs in marketing to generate the enquiry.

The previous owner was forced to sell the website after rising Google AdWords costs had made the website no longer profitable.

Lance Tapsell, a long-time celebrant and customer of the site decided to purchase it and try to get it profitable again.

By engaging Pathfinder, the business was able to dramatically reduce its cost per lead and ensure profitability for the business and its future.

The Approach

AdWords cost simply had to get cheaper or the business could not survive.

An advanced account structure was built from the ground up to isolate the most profitable keywords for the business. This enabled a laser-focus on profitability and an ability to reliably ensure positive ROI.

Advanced Google Ads features such as audience overlays and smart bidding were also implemented to enable machine learning to generate increased efficiency.

The Results

  • Cost per lead from Google Ads reduced by 25.1%.

  • Profitable return on ad spend achieved.

A client success story

“I just love the level of service we receive from Pathfinder. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”

Lance Tapsell   •   Director

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