97.29% Growth in Sales Leads



  • Case Study   •   October 2, 2019

Heritage Water Tanks have grown from a minor player in their industry to the dominant player online. With organic search growth of 260.08% within just 18 months and organic search leads up by 97.29%, sales have exploded and they couldn’t be happier.

The Challenge

Heritage Water Tanks are an Australian steel water tank manufacturer. They manufacture and sell large (17,000L – 375,000L) steel water tanks to the rural, domestic and industrial markets.

While Heritage is a relatively new player in the industry, their two biggest competitors had been around for 20+ years. Without the name recognition of these established players, they needed to think outside the box to get ahead.

After a fall out with their previous digital marketing company, Heritage engaged Pathfinder with a mandate to think outside the box and grow the number of leads being generated through their website.

The ApproachSEO was a big focus for Heritage, and there was plenty of room for improvement.

Work began with a technical site audit which led to the diagnosis of a number of technical issues preventing the site ranking higher for key terms.

With this resolved, a content plan was developed to capture more relevant traffic, particularly informational searches and longer tail queries, and a white hat link building strategy to help build the site authority. The growth was steady but dramatic and the impact has been felt on Heritage’s bottom line.

Google Ads had been a major lead generation source for Heritage for around 5 years, and they’d seen solid success. From reviewing the account, however, Pathfinder identified a number of issues which were causing significant waste in ad spend. By rolling out a new campaign structure plus a few advanced segmentation strategies, efficiency across the entire account was improved dramatically.

Finally, in order to reduce the reliance of lead generation on Google, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads were added to the marketing mix in order to complement their overall lead generation efforts. These platforms have provided additional lead channels at a cost per lead of as little as half that of their other channels.

The Results

  • Total leads from Google Ads increased by 44.15% while cost per lead was reduced by 35.28%.
  • Organic search growth of 260.08% within 18 months and organic search leads by close to 97.29%.

  • 18.7% increase in total leads from non-Google traffic at 50+% cheaper cost per lead.

A client success story

“We have increased our number of leads astronomically and our ROI has also improved. They are not a ‘set and forget’ Agency like many others and have a high level of accountability for their work. Pathfinder has earned a high level of trust from our Company as a result of the measurable benefits that they have helped us to achieve.This is something that is highly valuable, in an environment with many Companies within the marketplace offering SEO/SEM services.”

Lucy Nankervis   •   National Marketing Manager

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