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Facebook Ads

With almost 3 billion active users, Facebook ranks as the most used social platform, so what better place to market your business? They’re very customizable so you can target your specific audience. It’s affordable and has a lot of potential for traffic, bringing your business the exposure it deserves.

Facebook Ads, Made Easy.

At Pathfinder Alliance we understand the value of knowing your local market. That’s why we invest in understanding you, you’re business and how we can use Facebook Ads to tap into your market.
Pathfinder Alliance we don’t believe in lock in contracts. We stand behind our work and know that our results speak for themselves.

Get the data you need – we don’t waste time with vanity metrics or unusable fluff. We report on how your Facebook Ads campaign is driving leads to your business.

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We Develop Custom Facebook Ads Solutions.

Whether you’re an established service, growing business or just getting started – Pathfnder Alliance is committed to find you new opportunities.

✓ Customisable

Target specific people

✓ Brand Awareness

Bring attention to your brand

✓ Lead Generation

Bring your business more sales

Customisable Ads

Creating ordinary posts on Facebook is likely to have little to no impact on your business since Facebook’s organic reach is very limited. This is where the Pathfinder Marketing team comes in to help you create Facebook Ads to get your business noticed.

Facebook tracks its user’s activity so specific users see specific Facebook Ads. This largely benefits your business producing a positive ROI. With all the information Facebook gathers, they make their ad campaigns very customisable allowing you to target those relevant to you in an affordable and effective way. A few of the demographics you can customize include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Characteristics
  • Location

With Pathfinder’s extensive experience, we are capable of using all Facebook has to offer to reach your potential customers. Just as Google changes its SEO criteria, Facebook is constantly updating and adding new features. With the addition of these features, there many combinations we can work with. The Pathfinder team stays up to date with these updates and features to help you find the right path to success and adjust the Facebook Ad Campaign as required to get you the best ROI.

Customised Ads
Brand Awareness 1

Brand Awareness

Once users have seen your Facebook Ads, they have become aware of your brand. If they like what they see, they will stop scrolling and take a closer look. We aim to make all Facebook Ads as eye-catching as possible. Any interaction the user has with your Facebook Ad has the potential to improve your SEO bringing your brand the awareness it deserves.

Lead Generation

Those who are interested will click on the Call to Action (CTA) we include in all Facebook Ads. Without these CTAs, the Facebook Ads are pointless. They generate leads allowing potential customers to view your website and learn what you can offer them.

As previously mentioned, Facebook is always updating its features, meaning the Facebook Ad Campaign we create for you may need updating too. We, at Pathfinder Marketing, unlike many other marketing agencies, will stick with you as long as you need to keep your Facebook Ads relevant and up to date to ensure they bring you the best ROI.

Your target audience may also change, and we help you with that too by analysing data and performance to match what your business has to offer with your buyer’s intent. Sound complicated? Let’s meet for a coffee to discuss how we can help you and figure out a simplified plan together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do SEO?2022-06-17T15:08:16+08:00

SEO is not a play to play – unlike Social or Google Ads which will stop generating leads as soon as you stop paying.

With SEO, once you have dominated your competition for the desired search queries, even if you stop investing in SEO optimisations, you’re business will remain generating leads. That means $0 and you still reap the benefits.

How Much Does SEO Cost?2022-06-17T14:45:42+08:00

SEO is one of the most affordable marketing channels, but you need to be mindful of the quality of service you’re receiving. Examine different options before selecting a service provider and make sure you understand what they can offer and how much it costs.

As the industry is unregulated, there’s no formal qualification to call yourself an expert. If you’re spending a lot of money on SEO services, it’s important that you always perform your due diligence. Cheap packages are usually red flags!

We believe in fair price for SEO, with ROI first and foremost.

What Is SEO?2022-06-17T14:42:48+08:00

Search engine optimization is a proven strategy for standing out in search results. SEO techniques involve making your website’s content more visible, such as making sure it appears on page one of the search results and isn’t interrupted by ads. It’s important to employ SEO techniques to increase the chances that your site will be found by those who are looking for what you have to offer.

When it comes to search engine marketing and maximizing ROI, we are the experts. We make it our business to rank your website on top of the results pages for relevant keywords and more importantly, they’ll bring you plenty of new clients!

Am I Locked Into A Contract?2020-11-27T11:57:00+08:00

Not at all! At Pathfinder Alliance our results speak for themselves – we don’t believe in locking you into a contract. All of our services are on a month to month basis.

When Do I See Results?2020-11-27T11:29:34+08:00

This is a difficult question to answer. Mainly because it depends on a number of factors including: your business niche, your competition, your stage of business development. At Pathfinder we don’t believe in making outrageous promises or setting unrealistic expectations. We take the time to explore your business and your industry so we make the right calls and provide a customised service.

How Do You Track Success?2020-11-27T11:36:39+08:00

With Pathfinder Alliance you won’t receive complicated reports, technical jargon or vanity metrics. While we track every thing, we report on the things that matter to your business: leads, conversions and revenue. Our campaigns are designed to maximise these core KPIs and that is at the heart of our tracking processes.

Why Would I Choose Pathfinder Alliance?2021-01-04T13:18:20+08:00

Because we get results. That’s why at Pathfinder Alliance we base our reputation on performance. 

Our purpose is to cut through the noise and find simple yet effective ways for your business to get returns from digital marketing.

With over a decade of experience in SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing & all forms of digital advertising, we know how to deliver a marketing strategy tailored to delivering long term, sustainable results for your business. No matter what your niche.

With no obligation lock-in periods or hidden fees, talk with us today about working together to achieve your marketing strategy & business goals.

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“I’ve been working with Mitch for close to 1 year now. He has been instrumental in us building an online presence which has definitely led to a massive increase in online sales..”

Michael Coyne

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